By Ray Winson | 30 October 2021

10 Tools To Use When Cleaning A Commercial Teppanyaki Grill

You will need the following tools when you clean your teppanyaki grill. These include steel wool, non-chlorinated steel wool, non-skid steel wool, a rag, cooking oil, towels, food preparation surfaces, and plastic bags. It is important that you rinse all the equipment off thoroughly when you are finished so you do not get grease or food particles on the surfaces. This can be a recurring task if you do not make a point of rinsing everything off. Some people prefer to leave the steel wool on the grill for a couple of hours to allow it to dry.


Steel Wool
As you are working with the grill, be sure that you are wearing the proper attire to avoid getting grease on your clothes or hands. If you choose to wear steel wool, be sure to not apply too much of the protective coating onto your skin as this can prevent you from coming into contact with the food.


Clean Cloth
In addition, you should wear cloths that are absorbent enough to remove all traces of food as well as liquid. If you have metal utensils on your utensils, you should wash them in a separate location to avoid them getting dirtier.

Cooking Oil
The first item you will need when you begin cleaning your teppanyaki grill are cooking oil pads. You should be able to find several good cooking oils at any supermarket or convenience store. Make sure to carefully read the label to ensure that the oil is meant for use in cooking. There are some specific cooking oils designed for use on certain foods, so be sure to read the label to make sure you do not use any oil intended for other purposes.

Stainless steel wool is a great tool to use when scrubbing grates as this will help to loosen up any built-up grease without damaging the metal surface of the griddle.

Grill Screen
After you have removed the cooking oil and cleaned the griddle using steel wool, you will next need to remove all of the greasy buildup that has accumulated on the grill. You should be able to see it easily just by looking at the griddle. Once you have removed all of the greasy build up you should be left with a nice shining teppanyaki grill. If the grill is still looking grimy after you have cleaned it, you may want to consider adding a layer of cooking oil onto the griddle. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before using.

Commercial Grade Griddle Cleaner Pads
When you are done cleaning your teppanyaki grill, you should allow it to dry completely before using. This will prevent any type of rust from forming on the grill as well as prevent it from getting too wet or too hot while it is still warm. It is important that you do not leave the grill for any lengthy periods of time because it can overheat and burn the food. Just make sure to wrap it up in a plastic sheet to protect it from overheat.

Other recommended tools like:Stainless Steel Cleaning Chemical, Soap / Dishwasher Fluid, Scouring Brick, Cleaning Brush, Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Although there are many different types of grills that are available today, the teppanyaki grill remains one of the most popular. It is easy to clean, durable, and makes a great addition to any restaurant. Just remember to follow these simple tips for cleaning and maintaining it. Although it does take time, it is worth it when you see the difference in grilling. It will give your guests and employees from the same healthy foods that they would get at a good American Culinary Institute.

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