By Ray Winson | 12 May 2022

6 Tips For the Best Small Bakery Equipment


What equipment is needed for a small bakery

A small bakery has different equipment needs than a large-scale operation because smaller bakers can't carry the same volume of product. Small bakeries use the same types of equipment as larger operations, but they need less of them.

Some of the items that you would need in a small bakery include:

- baking pans (standard and specialty)

- ovens (indoor and outdoor)

- mixer (stand mixers and hand mixers)

- dough sheeter
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6 Tips For the Best Small Bakery Equipment

Small bakery equipment for you is. It all begins with your needs. It can be tempting to purchase more equipment that never seems to be used. What you need to consider first before you run out and buy the latest and greatest ovens and mixers is what you plan on using them for and how often.

If you are a new bakery owner or one who is thinking about starting a bakery of your own, you will need to determine what the "best"


Heavy Duty Dough Mixers 

Heavy duty dough mixers offer up the highest performance for both pastry and cake baking. They are available in both electric and conventional styles, with many styles having a capacity of up to twelve cups. Their larger capacity allows them to be used in a larger area than their smaller counterparts making them ideal for large baking jobs. They also offer high quality, long-lasting components, so they should last for many years.



A bread maker is very useful in the morning when you have a lot of visitors or when you need to make several loaves of bread quickly. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the very small home-scale models to the large commercial types which can be found in many cafes and restaurants. There are several different types of bread makers to consider including: French press, roller, slice maker, dough hook, pizza maker, roll and shape machine and more.


Pastry Equipment

Choosing the right pastry and baking tools is important. The most common are: pans, cookie sheets, sponges, rolling pins, and knives. They also include: non-stick parchment paper, non-stick cooking spray, measuring cups and spoon, dough hook, and more.


Baking Supplies

These include: baking trays, baking sheets, cake pans, cake cases, non-stick parchment paper, non-stick baking bags, and more. These are usually a bit more expensive than other baking supplies but will last longer and provide better results. You'll also need to choose between these: cake pan, cake molds, non-stick parchment paper, cake bowls, and more. These can be a bit more expensive than the other supplies but are generally a better choice.

When it comes to baking supplies there are literally hundreds of different options to choose from. Some bakery owners opt for more long-lasting products. Others prefer cheaper products that won't break easily. Whatever your preferences, they're sure to be available at your favorite store.


If you need some additional equipment or products you might consider having a look around online. Many people like shopping online, because you can have an entire shop delivered to your door with just a few clicks of a mouse. Here you can browse through hundreds of different bakery supplies all at once and can compare prices to ensure you get the best possible deal. This can also help you locate items you otherwise may not have known about.


So as you can see there are a lot of different options when it comes to getting the best small bakery equipment. It's important to have a complete inventory of everything you need and to keep up with seasonal trends. When it comes to supplies and baking, there is so much to learn and so much to get caught up on. By knowing what's available you'll be ready to make the best decisions possible and run your bakery efficiently.


Take care of Your Bakery Equipment

When it comes to baking, consistency is vital. If you let ingredients dry out they will often change and won't taste the same as they did the first time. This means using proven drying techniques like air-drying and heat-treating to lock in your items and make them as close to their original state as possible. You should also invest in high-quality thermometers to ensure your cakes are done correct. If you bake frequently then this will make a huge difference to your customers.


Clean your Bakery Equipment

It doesn't matter how fancy your oven or slicer looks. If it's dirty - it can affect your productivity. The right equipment is essential for keeping your bakery clean and free of bacteria and germs. Clean your commercial ovens and food processing lines regularly to help you keep your staff healthy and reduce risks of disease.


This list of small bakery equipment tips is by no means exhaustive. However it's a clear indication that the best small baker doesn't stop at simple essentials. There's a lot more to making your business a success than buying the latest products.

So you want to open a bakery. Here are the basics on how to start your own bakery and what you need.

How to start a baking business

1) Decide what kind of bakery you want to run. Do you want it to be a full service bakery with its own line of products or do you simply want an online store that ships baked goods?

2) Find the right location for your business, whether it's in a bustling neighborhood or out in the country. You will need a lot of space for not only your baking operations but also parking and storage of supplies and inventory.

3) Get any licenses required by federal, state, county, or city regulations for opening your business.

4) Stock up on necessary equipment such as mixing bowls, ovens, pastry bags and tips, cooling racks, spatulas etc.


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