By Ray Winson | 24 September 2021

9 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Are you thinking about buying restaurant kitchen equipment? Maybe you are a small restaurant owner who wants to upgrade your equipment to match your growing business. Or maybe you are a restaurant manager who needs to find affordable yet quality commercial kitchen equipment. Whatever your situation may be, you have questions that need to be answered before purchasing equipment. Items to consider before purchasing include:


1.Space occupation - Does the proposed restaurant kitchen equipment fit comfortably in your available space? Is there enough room on your premises for the equipment you are considering? Does the proposed solution infringe on the aesthetics of your space or dining area? Remember that storage capacity and height limits are just as important to your operations as are the floor plan, visual appeal, and convenience.
Nealy 60% of your restaurant space is taken up by the dining area, which means the kitchen area is left with a little less than 40% of the remaining area. You can consider buying multipurpose equipment if you are low on space.Things to consider before purchasing include:


2.Quality of service - What impression does the equipment you are considering make on your customers? Will they come back if they have a problem? Are the products and services you offer high in quality and dependable? Things to consider before purchasing include:


3.Ease in using the equipment and cleaning - When was the last time you had to use your commercial kitchen equipment? Have you ever cleaned a product cup or pot? How hard is it to clean commercial equipment? How often? Things to consider before purchasing include:


4.Cost effectiveness - The main factor to consider when investing in restaurant kitchen equipment is the cost effectiveness of the solutions. In many cases today we are being offered products that are less expensive than traditional solutions but are less effective and do not provide the level of customer service that we would expect. This can be determined by:


5.Long-run cost - Is the equipment long run cost less than the cost of a commercial oven? Does the cost of the oven cover the cost of employing someone to operate it? If you have the opportunity to outsource this equipment, this can be great for your business. However, in most cases today we are being offered less effective products and services and are paying more for them. Investing in quality products and services that will last a long run is key when considering investments in restaurant equipment.

6.Second hand utensils - There are numerous advantages when investing in second-hand commercial kitchen equipment. This includes having an inventory of utensils that you no longer need and can be resold at a profit. The only disadvantage to purchasing used equipment is that it may not function as well as new products. Things to consider when considering this include:


7.How much you want to invest - One of the biggest factors when determining the amount to invest in restaurant kitchen equipment is the amount of money you have available to spend. Purchasing commercial ovens can be quite expensive and can require a substantial financial outlay. Therefore it is important to first work out how much you can spend on a specific product, then look at the overall costs to see if the investment is worth it. This is important, especially when considering the purchase of commercial utensils, as it is unlikely that you can recoup the cost of a purchase if the utensils required were replaced. Other things to consider before buying these types of items include: how much the product is likely to increase in value over time; how long are you intending to use the product; and how easy is it to maintain?


8.Price vs. Quality - Buying restaurant kitchen equipment that is of low quality but which is also cheap can mean that you end up with an appliance that does not last or will break down within a short space of time. The best way to avoid this situation is to choose quality appliances that are not too expensive. There are a number of quality manufacturers such as Winson fitment, that create a wide range of products that are both cost effective and attractive to the eye. If price is the main reason for buying the item then you should also look at whether there are any discounts available on the item when you buy online. Many companies offer online deals which can bring the cost of the item down considerably.


9.Which appliances to invest in - There are a number of different types of appliances to consider purchasing when deciding on investing in commercial ovens and other things for your restaurant kitchen. The most basic ones include a commercial broiler and a slicer. A boiler is used to heat and cook food items such as raw meat, vegetables, and breads quickly and easily. A slicer is used to make cakes, breads, and other things that require repetitive chopping and slicing.

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