By Ray Winson | 02 December 2021

Buying Guide For Commercial Electric Stove

Buying Guide for Commercial Electric Stove

Commercial Electric Stove is the basic necessity for all Commercial kitchens in the present scenario. They bring ease and versatility to the working of commercial kitchens by performing different tasks. Chefs can use them for boiling, steaming, blanching, frying, stewing and many other tasks depending upon the versatility of the stove.
There are a wide variety of these stoves available in the market, having different parameters, which include dimensions, price, electricity consumption, and many more. And it becomes difficult to choose the best one when you don’t know about their different parameters.
Here we are mentioning some factors that you should know before buying a stove for commercial use.

Factors to consider while buying a Commercial Range


Selection of top configuration of your commercial stove depends upon your requirement such as what kind of cooking you will do with your stove and in what quantity. Different types of Stovetops includes:

Gas Open Burner

Open burner tops are the most commonly used stoves as they are of versatile nature. You can use them for different tasks such as frying, boiling, simmering, and many other tasks. They also have a removable tray to collect food spills and easy cleaning. These are available in the configuration of 4 to 6 burners.

Hot Top

Hot tops, also known as Uniform heat tops, are designed to do cooking with pots and pans. These come with a flat surface so you can move pots and pans easily from one burner to another burner. The steel plates used at the surface have configurations of 12 and 18 inches wide and ½ to 1 inch thick.

Griddle Top

Griddle stoves come with a plane surface where you can cook food directly on a steel surface. These stoves can be commonly seen in the restaurants that deal with menu items such as frying rice, grilled burger, and omelets for which pots and pans are not needed. Griddles are generally available in the width of 12 to 36 inches. 

French Hot

French hot are designed with metal rings made of cast iron or rolled steel, placed upon the gas burner. These rings are removable, so you can adjust the heat of the stove depending upon your requirement. These metal rings come in diameters of 6 to 10 inches.   

Combination surfaces

Several stoves are designed with one or more configurations which include one burner with griddle and hot top. These are used for doing multiple types of cooking on a single stove.

Range Base

There are different range bases for different commercial stoves. Manufacturers include different bases such as oven base, refrigerator base, storage base, and other bases depending upon the versatility of electric stove. To understand which one you should choose for your commercial restaurant, first know about the different base types.

Oven Bases

Oven base electric stove generally comes with two bases, either the standard oven or space-saver oven. In a space saver oven, you can put pans lengthwise only, whereas, in a standard oven, you can put pans in either way.

Refrigerated Bases

Some ovens are also designed with a refrigerator base where you can store cold ingredients for easy access at the time of cooking.

Storage Bases

These stoves are designed with some storage space at the base, where you can put some cooking ingredients for quick access. You can also put cooking appliances such as pans and pots there. These storage spaces are either open or have doors.

Stove Accessories

Another important factor to be considered when you are going to buy a commercial stove is to check the accessories and add-ons. These accessories include:

Salamander Broilers

Manufacturers designed some ovens with salamander broilers featuring an adjustable sliding grill for effective grill-based results. Salamander can be used for various activities such as broiling, melting, and caramelizing.


Cheese Melters are placed on the back shelf above the cooktop of the oven. As the name suggests, these are used for melting cheese for giving final touch to cheese-based dishes.


Some stoves are also designed with stainless steel back shelves where you can put cooking ingredients and equipment.


Heavy Duty Commercial Electric Stove

Heavy Duty Commercial Stoves, as the name suggests, are designed for heavy and high-volume use. These are made up of heavy industrial materials, such as heavy metals with thick gauges for more durability.
Moreover, these are comparatively more expensive than Restaurant Electric Stove and Speciality Electric Stove and are available in standard width between 32 and 36 inches.

Restaurant Electric Stove

Restaurant Electric Stoves are designed specifically for restaurants that serve 150 customers at a time. These are constructed with light material and able to stand alone as one independent unit. Buying these stoves is considered a more economical option as the price of these stoves is less than the price of Heavy Duty Commercial Stoves.
Another plus point about these stoves is that they are available in different widths varying from 24 to 72 inches, so you can choose according to your requirement.

Speciality Electric Stove

Some electric stoves such as Wok stove and Stockpot stove come under this category. These stoves are designed for some special use.
Wok stoves are used for preparing stir fry dishes. These stoves have a round ring-shaped place at the top for using rounded-bottom style woks.  
Stock Pot stoves, as the name suggests, are lower-height stoves used for preparing soups, stocks, and broths in huge quantities. These are available in a standard width of 20” by 24” inches.
Consider all the points mentioned above when you are going to purchase a Commercial Electric Stove for your restaurant. And purchase the best and most suitable one according to your requirements.


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