By Ray Winson | 15 January 2022

Buying Guide For Teppanyaki Grill

Buying Guide For Teppanyaki Grill

You must have noticed Teppanyaki Grills being displayed in the form of premium dining, especially in high-end restaurants and star hotels. Recently, commercial teppanyaki grills have entered among the great trends and become the center of attraction. Whether it is a party for colleagues, friends, or family or a special business occasion, Teppanyaki Grill is certainly a good idea.

You won't regret investing your money in a teppanyaki grill. As it would be a great addition to any kitchen and can be used to cook many things. But selecting the perfect Teppanyaki Grill can be a little tricky. To help you out, we have listed down certain factors that will guide you in choosing the ideal teppanyaki grill. Let's directly dive in:

Teppanyaki Grill Types

Teppanyaki has been famous for almost several decades. But do you know the different types of teppanyaki available? How are they different from each other? Which kind of Teppanyaki Grill is suitable for you?

The different types of Teppanyaki Grill are listed below. Let's have a look:

Electric Tabletop Teppanyaki Grills: The electric tabletop teppanyaki grills can be best utilized as indoor grills. Not to mention, they are lightweight, affordable, and portable. You can make delicious food at the table, on your patio, or wherever you want. The best thing is you can take it along with you for trips. When it is not in use, it can be easily kept in the kitchen cabinet.

Gas grill Teppanyaki Griddles: If you own a gas grill, then it is essential that you have a teppanyaki hot plate. It is a must-have accessory. It features a long-lasting metal griddle accompanied by sidewalls that fit over grates to offer a hard grilling surface. There are some models available which can be used on top of heat sources, such as electric or gas stoves.

Teppanyaki Tables: These restaurant-style teppanyaki grill tables come with a flat top grill and seating. The grill section has a gas line link that usually supplies propane for the burners. The grill tables are large and spacey enough for a group, but they are portable. You can disassemble the whole unit and move it in pieces.

Smokeless Teppanyaki grill tables: The smokeless Teppanyaki grill table is another advanced version of grill tables. The internal structure of this grill table contains a powerful exhaust fan, electrostatic precipitation, and a filter system for downward suction. It is a good fit as it does not produce smoke and smell while cooking. It will help to get you a pleasant and nice atmosphere.

Teppanyaki Grill Price

The Teppanyaki Grill comes in a number of unique designs. And the prices vary depending on the type of model you choose, ranging from a hundred to thousands of dollars. The final price of the teppanyaki depends on the quality, type of the material, the transport locations, and of course your budget.

However, the price of teppanyaki grill tables does not decide its quality. It's just that generally, the tables having higher prices are of higher quality. So, there is a need to select the one that perfectly balances your requirements and fits your budget.

Heating Method

Two main heating methods for commercial iron grills are available in the market. One is gas teppanyaki grills, and the other is electric teppanyaki grills. The heating effect on food is almost the same for both. You can select as per your budget. Also, some of the tables come with pre-built extraction and filtering functions.


The most important element while selecting a teppanyaki grill table is to know the number of seats and size of the teppanyaki grill. Firstly, measure the space where you want to install the teppanyaki table. Then it becomes easy to know if you need a small teppanyaki grill or a large teppanyaki grill table. Plus, you can also decide the number of teppanyaki tables to purchase according to the space.

There are a number of seats and sizes available, from the two-seater to large, XL, or XXL sized teppanyaki table grills in the market. You can choose any size depending on your requirements. It must fit properly where it will be stored and used.


The portability of a grill varies from model to model. The compact teppanyaki grills are easy to carry, lightweight, and easily fit in your trunk. The sit-around teppanyaki tables are larger in size but also collapsible and provide seating. The Gas-powered teppanyaki can be used at places where charcoal grills are restricted due to risks of fire.

Fuel Source

Generally, Teppanyaki Grills are powered by propane or electricity. The hot plates need an external heating source, especially natural gas or propane grills. So, you can select the portable models depending on the availability of the fuel at the place where you are going to use it.


As it is a long time investment, you can select a grill that has a quality build. The non-toxic ceramic grill plates and the grills, which are made of stainless steel material, are exceptionally durable if kept with care.

How To Clean a Commercial Griddle?

A commercial griddle is an important piece of equipment that can be used to cook various types of food. For example, it can be used to cook french fries, hamburgers, and many other different types of food. A commercial griddle needs to be cleaned regularly in order for it to function properly.

Some people might think that cleaning a commercial griddle is not necessary because the grease and oil will not come in contact with the surface. However, this is not true because when cooking these foods, they will build up on the surface and cause the griddle to become sticky and hard to clean.

The first step when cleaning a commercial griddle is removing all of the excess grease and oil with a scraper or paper towel. The next step would be to use soapy water or an industrial-strength cleaner to remove any stubborn grease, food residue, and oil.

The following video will show you how to clean a commercial griddle in just a few steps.


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