By Ray Winson | 04 November 2021

Choosing The Best Commercial Cooking Range For Your Restaurant

Choosing The Best Commercial Cooking Range For Your Restaurant

Choosing the right commercial kitchen range can make all the difference to your cooking. With so many different types of commercial ranges on the market, choosing can be a difficult task. It is recommended that you spend some time evaluating the pros and cons of each type, to get an idea of which one will work best for your kitchen.

Types of Commercial Cooking Ranges

When you are choosing a commercial kitchen range, you should consider the layout and size of your kitchen. There are several types of commercial kitchen ranges available including the gas range, electric range, combo range. Choosing the right one for your kitchen is about matching your needs with the available space in your kitchen. There are three main types of ranges available that have different features and characteristics.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a kitchen range. Let's take a look at some of the most important factors to consider when making your choice:


Electric Range

One of the simplest types of kitchen ranges. These ranges are very easy to use and provide very good heat and cooking capacity. They are typically very affordable and provide an easy to use interface. They do not have the warming capacity of a gas range, but can be used for a variety of stoves in a number of kitchens.


Gas Range

A popular choice among restaurants, and cafes, gas ranges are extremely popular with busy working people. They are able to provide a much higher cooking capacity than electric ranges. They can be used for preparing a wide range of stews and soups as well as other items such as roasts. Some people even choose to cook on this range alone, as they are very easy to use. They are also capable of delivering a very high heat, although this may take longer to cook certain foods.


Combination Range

A combination range is a combination of the above two ranges. It is intended to be used as a heating appliance and a stove. As such, it is a good buy for those people who need to cook and then want both a burner and a stove. These types of ranges are ideal for families as well as restaurants. They can be a little more expensive than their electric counterparts, but usually end up being cheaper overall.

Choosing the Best Range for Your Kitchen

Choosing the best commercial kitchen can be difficult because of the choice of ranges available and the price range. It is always best to do your research before making any investment. Speak to a professional in your local area who will be able to give you advice on your particular needs. Look online and search for reviews of the range you are considering purchasing. It is also worth trying a number of ranges before deciding on one to ensure you get the best fit for your kitchen.

The size of your commercial kitchen will also play an important role in choosing a range to purchase. It is recommended that you choose the largest size that your commercial kitchen is capable of. This allows you to cover the largest area without the risk of your appliances becoming damaged. A larger range portables are also easier to transport around your workplace.

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