By Vulcan | 30 October 2021

Choosing the Right Range Top Configuration for Your Restaurant

Commercial kitchen ranges can be found in a multitude of different options and options to fix the needs of every meals service kitchen. Provided the importance of this machine to your operations, that pays to think meticulously about what you really prefer before making a major purchase.


Electric or Gas

This judgement will be determined by the cause of power found in your building. Gas ranges are built meant for either natural gas and also liquid propane (LP). Electric ranges can be found in different voltage possibilities (208, 204, and additionally 480), so you have to know what your constructing supplies.

While one can find benefits to each of those gas and electric, many chefs nevertheless consider gas barbecuing to be the precious metal standard. Its speedy readiness, precise heat control, and lower cook times help it become a chef beloved. Gas is also inexpensive to operate over time. Lighter duty ranges routinely have lower BTU levels while heavy duty ranges have the highest BTU level.

Size Must Fit Volume

If you're replacing an existing wide variety, you may be limited by space or room in your kitchen or gas supply difficulties. Hopefully, you have sufficient space to fit an assortment that accommodates a person's production needs. If possible, the dimensions of one's range should be decided by your menu plus the average volume of users you serve day by day.

Commercial ranges can be found in widths from 12 inches to seventy two inches. A fairly chaotic kitchen generally needs to have a 48 and also 60-inch cooktop considering this size comes with plenty of burners and also specialty tops along with multiple people while using the equipment at one time. The sheer number of burners is also crucial to consider. Six to 10 burner types are most popular in commercial kitchens.

Range Top Configuration Choices

Most of these stovetop solutions are available in combination with the other person. It is very popular designed for kitchens to combine available burners with many other cooking surfaces including griddles, hot best, or charbroilers.

Open Top Burners

Your circular French top plate of an electric range top plus the cast iron grates of gas cooktops are the most lasting ways to heat nutrition. They are simple to use, knowledgeable, and versatile.


Food is cooked properly directly on the surface worth mentioning large flat discs. They are available using several options to suit your specific needs - including grooved dishes and different metal varieties for surfaces (such as chrome, material, and exclusive materials).


Known due to the grill markings along with smokey flavor account, adding a charbroiler to your restaurant selection can benefit every kitchen. Cast straightener grates make for a rapid and even heating surface area and prove to take the test of energy.

Hot tops

Most are thick flat sheet metal plates that are excited by your energy source. They're able to get extremely popular - (up to help you 800 degrees) consequently they are excellent for considering food in big pots. They also work efficiently if high temperature agonizing is needed in scaled-down kitchens.

French covers

These are similar to warm tops, but they usually are hotter in the middle along with cooler on the factors, allowing for the creating meals of multiple foodstuff simultaneously, at various temperatures. Large planting containers slide easier on the surface for much better, safer handling.

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