By Ray Winson | 30 November 2021

Commercial Soiled Dish Table Buyers' Guide

Commercial Soiled Dish Table Buyers' Guide

Stainless steel Commercial Soiled Dish Tables is ideal for restaurants that serve lunch and dinner.The ease of the cleaning makes this type of table a preferred choice for many chefs. Most table tops of stainless steel come with adjustable top surfaces that make them easy to clean.

Commercial Soiled Dish Tables Buyers' Guide is a handy buying guide for the restaurant owner who needs to purchase a new table for daily use in the kitchen. With this purchase you will have the flexibility to decorate your restaurant kitchen with style. Your choice of color is extensive; you can choose from brightly colored stainless steel, brushed metal, polished chrome, or any other finish.

Folding Commercial Soiled Dish Table Buyers' Guide This table is ideal for restaurant bars and kitchens. Folding bars allow you to easily move the table from location to location. They also create more space-saving options in the kitchen. These bars can be purchased in several different styles, sizes, and configurations to fit your needs. 


The most common design for commercial soiled dishes has a single feeding tray capacity, while the more common design has both the feeds on the same side. The feeder that has a single side feed accepts a single bowl of soup mixture. To prevent spillage, the feeds on the left side must be placed at an angle.

Commercial Soiled Dish Table Feet

These sturdy steel feet protects the stainless steel finish. When choosing a design be sure to look at both the finish and the type of foot that are used. A rubber foot keeps slippage away from the stainless steel finish. When purchasing a table that has this type of foot, check the manufacturer's warranty and be sure to follow the recommended care procedures.


Commercial Soiled Dish Table Skins

This type of table can be found in restaurant supply warehouses and online retailers. The sheeting is typically white, but some manufacturers offer a variety of colors. These skins are made of heavy vinyl with an adhesive backing. To clean, these mats simply use a damp sponge or soft cloth.


Commercial Soiled Table Liners

These mats have a double sided tape. To clean the table top, simply place a soft cloth or sponge onto the tape, and then remove it. It is important not to use excessive water on the table surfaces. The material will cause the table to warp. To use the table liners, place them over the existing surface, and secure each liner to the sheeting using its elastic band.


Commercial Soiled Dish Table Uses Commercial soiled dishes are an affordable and easy way to save space. You can use these items as an additional table in the kitchen. They make an attractive and functional addition to the food preparation area. Restaurants often provide this type of service for free or a very small fee. The dish will be soiled at the beginning of the meal and can then be cleaned immediately when the diner leaves.

Features & Accessories

Commercial Soiled Dish Tables are designed with the utmost precision to make sure that all the bowls, plates, cutlery, crockery, cups, saucers, cutlery and all other accessories fit neatly and complement each other. They are made with pre-rinsed shelves or with pre-rinsed baskets with transparent lids. This makes them ideal for easy food preparation. Most of these table tops are made from the finest materials such as stainless steel, chrome, copper, enamel, vitreous china and glass. The tops and other accessories can also be customized to meet your specific needs.


Commercial Soiled Dish Tables can be purchased either with or without pre-rinse facilities. There are those that come with pre-rinse faucet and pre-rinse shelf that allow you to conveniently wash dishes at the end of the day. Such dish racks ensure food hygiene as food remains hot till the time of washing it. Other commercial dish racks are equipped with handles that can easily be lifted and placed, so that you can reach the delicate wares.

Commercial Soiled Dish Tops or Table tops, as they are sometimes called are the ultimate in kitchen utility. With such ease of cleaning, durability, and easy maintenance dish tables can be considered an ideal piece of equipment for any kitchen.

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