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Efficient Use And Maintenance Of Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Efficient Use And Maintenance Of Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment


So, you have successfully set up your modern commercial kitchen and everything looks perfect and is of the highest quality but you have a little problem, how do you ensure you get the most of all the modern kitchen equipment you just spent a fortune on? It is one thing to have a good commercial kitchen setup but a whole other thing to ensure that it is efficiently managed and utilized. If you need some guidance with how to maintain and effectively use your commercial kitchen equipment, how to ensure that your kitchen equipment have a lengthy lifespan, or you straight up need to learn the importance of effectively utilizing and maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment, this article has specifically been written for you and will comprehensively enlighten you in the simplest manner.
First off, what are commercial kitchen equipment? They are the machinery, flow lines, automatic apparatus, and heavy-duty equipment used in establishments engaged in the foodservice industry. Examples of commercial kitchen equipment include: 
•broilers           •proof cabinets         
commercial cooking range            •revolving tray ovens
•steam-jacketed kettles         
•griddle and grills         • convection ovens          •steam boiler
commercial sink​​​​​​​            •microwave ovens​​​​​​​            ​​​​​​​•commercial kitchen prep table  ​​​​​​​    •dough makers​​​​​​​
•tilting fry pans​​​​​​​              •display cooking equipment​​​​​​​             •frying equipment        
All these equipment are considered vital in setting up a modern commercial kitchen. It is paramount that they are meticulously maintained and cared for so they can perform up to expectations.


Why Should You Effectively Use and Maintain Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment?


1.Greatly Reduced Equipment Failure


You are in for an utterly rocky business experience if your kitchen equipment are unreliable and breakdown at random times, faulty commercial kitchen equipment will see you lose both revenue and capital in terms of inefficient productivity and heavy cost of equipment repairs. To avoid the major losses that come with equipment malfunctions, you should endeavor to clean, test, inspect and service your kitchen equipment routinely by a certified commercial appliance repair company. It is also a smart move to carry extended warranties on the equipment you invest in, this will save you great expenses for damages that would take a heavy toll on your pocket and can even lead to a temporary shutdown of your business.


2.Lowered Utility Costs


If you actively use any piece of commercial kitchen equipment that consumes electricity, gas, or water, it will definitely run much more efficiently if it is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Carrying out routine cleans and maintenance of your commercial kitchen equipment will definitely help lower the cost of your utility bills, as less power and electricity is consumed by clean and efficient equipment in their day-to-day running. Hence, you get greater productivity for less.


3.Greater Life Expectancy For Equipment


It is common knowledge in the foodservice industry that replacing commercial kitchen equipment is expensive, very expensive. You would probably find yourself spending a very huge sum of money repairing a single piece of commercial kitchen equipment that has been either damaged or worn out simply due to a lack of proper maintenance and following the stipulated guidelines to keep it clean and effective. You would dramatically increase the life span of your appliances simply by taking proper care of them. To maintain a long and useful life, the equipment, like the average automobile must be cleaned, oiled, and serviced on a regular basis. Make every effort to get the most out of your equipment for as long as possible, it will definitely pay off in the end!


4.High Resale Value


In a scenario where you need to relocate your business and dispose of your commercial kitchen equipment, it is very possible to make a decent trade value off your used commercial kitchen equipment, however, this ultimately depends on the condition of your kitchen equipment at that point in time. Used commercial kitchen equipment have a huge market and the revenue from the sale of your used commercial kitchen equipment may assist you with the initial expenditures of launching your new restaurant in a new location. Well-maintained machinery will definitely fetch good prices on the market and you won’t even run at a loss relative to the initial purchase after the sale of the used commercial kitchen equipment, unlike the bad prices you’d have to sell your poorly maintained machinery at. In essence, giving your kitchen equipment proper care and maintenance extend its life span as well as its resale value.


5.Great Quality Of Food And Service


The quality and flavor of your food will definitely be harmed if your kitchen equipment isn't working properly or isn't clean. This could lead to your consumer base being taken away by your competitors. Nothing is more infuriating than presenting food that all tastes the same because of soiled utensils. Clean appliances that are operating at optimum efficiency will ensure that the meals prepared in the kitchen are consistently tasty and arrive at the table swiftly. Good cuisine and prompt service will also result in more customers and more revenue. On the other hand, no one wants to spend good money on meals produced with defective equipment, and if you utilize poor appliances, your clients will most definitely notice the difference.


6.Safer And Healthier Work Environment


Keeping your employees safe at work should be one of the most important objectives for you. This goes way beyond hygienic food storage and preparation methods. In your modern commercial kitchen, you have to ensure that your kitchen equipment of all sizes are in great working condition and strictly align with the codes and requirements of your local health and fire departments. Food, grease, and debris should be kept out of cooking appliances to avoid dangerous flare-ups of hot flames that could cause your chefs harm. If you have a kitchen fire suppression system, you must keep it operational to safeguard your staff and your building in the event that a stove flares up. Sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and smoke and heat detectors must all be inspected, tested, maintained, or replaced regularly. Your employees should use unquestionably use proper safety precautions while cooking, such as wearing protective gear. However, correctly maintaining your machinery will lessen the likelihood of a fire occurring in the first place.


How To Efficiently Use And Maintain Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment


1.Regular Inspection Of Your Equipment


First on this list and probably the most important on this list is the routine inspection of your kitchen equipment. Make it a routine to inspect your kitchen equipment for any potential problems. Cleaning is the perfect time and way to accomplish this. Early detection and correction of minor issues can help you avoid big repairs and replacements in the future, as well as costly upkeep. If you're not sure what you're looking for or how to fix anything, check it up online or ask a friend or expert who knows how to cook. Cleaning and calibrating cooking equipment on a regular basis can extend the life of the machinery.


2.Keep On Top Of Cleaning


One of the simplest methods to care for your kitchen equipment is to clean them completely immediately after each usage. Though a hectic schedule may tempt you to skip or hurry cleaning activities, if you get into the habit of cleaning after each usage, you'll find that it actually saves you time and extra work in the long term. There are also the health risks of not cleaning on a regular basis or properly. Bacteria or fungal molds can form on kitchen surfaces and transfer to cutting boards, utensils, bowls, or food directly, putting the consumers of your meals at the risk of being ill. Grease buildup can also cause fires, putting lives in jeopardy. All of these dangers can be avoided by sticking to a strict cleaning routine. Clean and disinfect fryers, grills, ranges, knives, and meat slicers on a daily basis. Refrigerators and ovens, for example, should be cleaned once a week.


3.Read Equipment Manuals And User Guides


This is something that has become frequently ignored and neglected among people today, despite the great importance it has. Reading the handbook, manual, user guide, etc. on the other hand, is a vital and simple approach to properly care for your kitchen equipment. Reading the manual for equipment generally, especially for kitchen machinery, provides particular data and information on how to clean and care for your equipment. If you've misplaced the user guide that came with your machinery, don’t worry, you always find the contents on the manufacturer's website. It is suggested that anyone who will be using the equipment read the instructions in order to be aware of any potential hazards and also be able to properly maintain their equipment.



4.Buy Your Kitchen Equipment Strictly From Authorized Dealers


Do not try to cut costs and think purchasing your kitchen equipment from an unauthorized seller will give you a better purchase value. It is purely an unwise move that will most likely cause you future trouble. Only purchase your equipment from a reliable and approved dealer, better still with a warranty. This will ensure that your oven, refrigerator, stove, and any electronics are properly installed and covered in the event that something goes wrong. Buying from unauthorized dealers is a very easy way to shortchange yourself when buying your equipment and automatically increases your expense on maintaining your kitchen equipment.
Finally, having a regular maintenance and cleaning routine for all your commercial kitchen equipment and systems is absolutely vital. Ovens, stoves, ventilation systems, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and other devices fall under this category. One of the finest things you can do to keep your kitchen running effectively and securely while providing the highest quality of food and service is to create a maintenance schedule and be religious with it. Efficient use and maintenance of your commercial kitchen equipment will yield the best returns for you at the least cost.

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