By J Olutide | 30 October 2021

How Restaurant Use TikTok To Boost Sales

TikTok: How Does It Work

TikTok is a social networking service owned by the Chinese company, ByteDance. It is a video-sharing platform in which a variety of short videos that range from fifteen seconds to three minutes can be made on almost any topic, subject, or activity. TikTok has worldwide availability and it is used by millions of content creators and individuals to make and watch short videos on several themes. TikTok has been around in China since 2017 but was made available for worldwide use in 2018. TikTok currently has over 80 million active users in the U.S alone, it generated over $500 million in revenue in the U.S in 2020, and the app has been downloaded about 50 million times in the U.S in the last 6 months.

TikTok functions quite conveniently and the interface is easy to understand, navigate, and utilize.


How To Use TikTok In Restaurant Marketing


Restaurant Marketing is an age-long tradition by Restaurant owners, where they display and advertise their foodservice concepts as well as publicizing their restaurants to boost their sales and gain a solid reputation.

Technological advancements and the development of the internet have completely switched up the dynamic of Restaurant Marketing over the years. From posting adverts in newspapers and long commercials on television, advancements have brought about a change that allows restaurant marketing to be carried out on various social networking services at a cheaper cost and with greater efficiency while offering exposure to a very large audience. 

Since the advent of TikTok in particular, it has become a popular Restaurant Marketing platform, where several restaurant owners and foodservice providers advertise their products and services to reach out to massive audiences with the aid of short videos with carefully targeted messages.

If you’re a restaurant owner and you wish to market your restaurant by taking advantage of the enormous TikTok audience, take the following steps for maximum results:

  1. Make a short introductory video, giving a tour of your restaurant and introducing your staff: Making the most of every second on each TikTok video you make is essential, as you want to make sure that your audience is fully engaged and looks forward to the next video. Hence, in your first video, introduce yourself, your restaurant, and your staff to your audience in a friendly manner with a slight comical overtone. Entertain your audience by showing them glimpses of the cool features of your restaurant, equipment, delicacies you prepare, fresh-arriving shipment of food, etc. This will raise the initial interest of your audience in your restaurant and will motivate them to see what else you have in stock.

  1. Make several videos for the different delicacies you serve: For the next set of short marketing videos, you will make on your TikTok account, show your audience the variety of delicacies you serve in your restaurant with appetizing video shots and ASMRs that make their mouths water. You should spread this type of video out over several videos (you can make a separate video for each meal.) In these videos, you can give few details about how the dishes are made and peripheral information about the origins of the meals, and so on. Use a conversant and entertaining tone all through the video.

  1. Engage the services of TikTok influencers and themed accounts: Beyond the marketing content that you post, increasing your audience size is of utmost importance. The simplest method for gaining more publicity and views is featuring faces that are already popular on the social network. Influencers who already have millions of views on each of their posts will do a lot of good to your restaurant’s publicity by featuring in your videos. Try as much as possible to get micro-influencers in your vicinity to feature in your videos, they aren’t too hard to come by and who knows, some plates of food may be all the payment they’d require from you. You can also try to get them to repost your videos or make reaction videos to them to get millions of views easily.

  1. Make tutorial videos: These types of videos are perfect for when you’ve gained significant publicity and you want to keep growing and engaging your audience. Pick up some recipes from your restaurant’s catalog, and make short, entertaining tutorial videos with them. Rapidly show the step-by-step preparation of the dish and the necessary ingredients for the dish in the video, with cool sound effects and ASMRs. People enjoy watching a masterpiece emanate from raw food in few minutes, sacrificing a few hours to make those short videos may appear tedious, however, those types of videos are certified hits, as they are satisfying to watch and people also learn how to cook while watching them.


Taking these steps to market your restaurant on TikTok will not only enlarge your online presence, but it will also achieve your main goal and massively increase the number of customers you get at your restaurant, people naturally be tempted to experience whatever you’re showing them over the internet, and this will effectively increase the number of visitors at your restaurant.


TikTok’s Social Media Reach  


For context on the social media reach of TikTok and the massive influence it can have on marketing your restaurant on the internet through social networking, here are some key statistics that show how large the TikTok market is and its social media reach especially in the U.S:


  1. There are over 1 billion TikTok users in the world, with over 130 million of them being from the U.S alone, and another 100 million users from Europe.

  2. About 18% of all internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 use TikTok.

  3. TikTok usage spiked by over 85% in the U.S in 2020 and the number of users is still growing by the day.

  4. TikTok also generated half a billion dollars in revenue for users in 2020, and the number is currently on the rise.

  5. TikTok also pays content creators per video for posting content on the social network, causing an enormous increase in users.

  6. Songs that trend on TikTok also trend on all music streaming platforms as a testament to TikTok’s massive influence on the internet community.

  7. The ratio of views to followers on TikTok is very massive in contrast to other social networks, for example, a user with 2 million followers was able to get over 70 million views on a video. Showing how much exposure TikTok offers.


These statistics and details show how much exposure TikTok offers with its social media reach and marketing capability. The massive reach it has is ideal for restaurant marketing and any restaurant owner should endeavor to use and make the most of the colossal TikTok audience and social media reach.

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