By Ray Winson | 30 October 2021

How to Make a Dough Pit For Pizza at Home

Dough Mixer

Most dough mixers will also come complete with a stand mixer, which allows you to make dough several batches at once. The bowl can either be a heavy wooden bowl, or a plastic bowl designed specifically for heavy-duty electric motors. You can purchase plastic bowls that will not stand up to constant use, or ones that will stand up to light use, but they usually do not come with an electric motor included. It may be best to choose one that has an electric motor, as it makes it easier to mix large batches, and makes the process faster and more efficient.

The very first step to starting a restaurant that makes homemade pizza crust is finding the right ingredients.

The ingredients are the basis of creating that authentic crust and it starts with finding a good pizza stone or dough mixer. The first step is to find a recipe that suits your style of cooking. There are plenty of recipes for this kind of specialty pie and some people have their own favorite recipes that they like to cook. Just find one that you can follow and then get rolling.

The second step is learning how to mix your dough.

This is probably the most important step in the whole process. It starts by finding a simple dough that you like to work with, mixing it until it forms a ball that is consistent in size and then letting it rest for about two hours. The ingredients you need to start with are flour, salt, sugar, yeast, water, oil, and vegetable shortening or butter.


The third step is rolling the dough out.

The pizza dough can be hard to handle at first but if you practice it a couple of times you will get the hang of it. Once the dough is rolled out it should come out looking smooth and even. The ingredients you need to work with are your hands, a rolling pin, and your ingredients together.


The fourth step is shaping the dough.

The dough comes out more chewy when you shape it and you want to work with a dough that is easy to handle. There are a couple different ways you can do this. One way is to use a pasta roller, which is a fairly inexpensive piece of equipment, or you can shape it manually using an old pasta bowl.


The fifth step is actually baking the pizza.

You will need a heavy-duty oven. I would highly recommend you invest in a top-of-the-line commercial oven, as they are much more expensive than the slower and lower end models, but they are also more efficient. Simply place the dough in the pre-heated oven and turn it on to bake it. The ingredients you need to work with here include your tomato sauce, cheese, and your toppings.


The sixth step is cutting the dough into your desired pieces.

This step is easier if you have the rolling pin, but if not you can use a knife and your fingers. Once the pieces are cut you can spread them on the pizza stones or place them on a plate. If you have tomato sauce, you will want to spoon it over the flattened dough. If not, simply add the sauce and spread it evenly.

The seventh step is putting all the pieces together

Depending on your recipe this might be the steps eight or even step nine. In this step you will cut the prepared dough into the size of your pizza stone or baking sheet. If you are using a rolling pin, you will want to start at the center of the dough and push the dough outward until it is even across the entire ball. This is the part that most people mess up and it is the part that takes the most time to get right.


The final step is spreading the ingredients over the flattened dough.

In order to get the best result, mix the dough ingredients together until they are completely combined. Then take your plastic container and spoon the mixture over the dough and cover it with another piece of plastic. Allow the dough to sit for about an hour, depending on the recipe, then cut it into smaller pieces.

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