By Ray Winson | 30 October 2021

Tips for Using PPE When Keeping Your Restaurant Staff Safe

It can be very scary to consider the thought of having your own personal protective equipment (PPE) whilst working in a food service establishment. This is especially true if you have children or others who rely on you to keep them safe. The good news, though, is that PPE isn't something that's used solely by safety professionals and trained personnel in order to keep staff safe. It can also be used by your regular members of staff, and here's why. In this Part 1: Intro to the Types of PPE, we'll take a look at some of the different situations in which it could be used, as well as how your restaurant can benefit from its use.


One of the main reasons that PPE is used in restaurants is to keep the restaurant staff safe during their shifts. Masks, goggles, gloves, and respirators are all common items of PPE that are often used by restaurant staff to keep them protected from grease, hot oil, and chemical spills. However, here's a surprising fact: Masks alone may not even be enough to keep your staff safe.

Restaurant workers are exposed to a number of different chemicals, both on and off the job. Some can be absorbed through the skin, while others are released into the air. This makes it very difficult to logically assume that a mask will keep the restaurant staff safe from all sources of chemical spills and exposure. This is particularly true if your business relies on using microwaves, grills, or any other types of cooktops and cooking areas.


There are two primary ways that PPE can help your staff to remain safe and healthy when they're working in your restaurant. The first is with respect to eye protection. Items like goggles and masks can be very helpful when it comes to protecting your employees' eyes from airborne chemicals and debris, such as oil and grease splashes. While this might seem like an unnecessary investment to make, goggles can help to keep the restaurant staff safe from these hazards. For many restaurants, however, the only way to keep the restaurant staff safe is to use PPE in restaurant.


The second way that PPE can help your staff is in regard to their protection from toxic and hazardous materials. While most people understand the importance of cleaning up spills and drips right away, many people do not realize the health risks associated with being exposed to excessive amounts of chemicals and substances. A PPE suit can help restaurant staff to keep these dangerous materials from spreading on the job, as well as keep them safe from contact with toxic and harmful chemicals.


PPE in the restaurant is especially important if you have a food service operation. If you're dealing with food that has been contaminated by pesticides, chemicals, or bacteria, PPE can help to keep your employees out of harm's way. While PPE don't provide complete protection from exposure to hazardous and potentially toxic materials, they can certainly help to limit the extent of it. PPE can even help to keep your staff safe from exposure to highly contagious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis.

New PPE for retaurant staff

Because some individuals can carry the new coronavirus without having symptoms, public health advisors recommend that everyone wear a non-medical face mask in any situation where would be difficult to maintain social distancing from others.
To prevent the spread of COPV 19, wear a mask when in restaurant and have regular vaccinations is necessary.

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