By Ray Winson | 30 October 2021

Your Complete Guide to Commercial Kitchen Equipment Checklist

Commercial kitchen equipment checklists will vary depending on whether you are buying solely for an individual or for a company. So if you cook for only one person at a time and they cook for 6 people at a time, you obviously need 60 separate commercial kitchen equipment checklists. However, with those numbers in hand, here's a handy free commercial kitchen equipment checklist for you to start off with. Namely, here are some items to check off your list as you prepare for the big day:

In order to remain competitive in the industry, all equipment needs to be constantly upgraded and replaced as needed. While purchasing commercial kitchen equipment, it is important to consider the type of use each piece will get. Some equipment will be used for general tasks such as preparing meals, while other pieces will be used for more specific tasks such as deep frying food or baking desserts. Therefore, to ensure the best return on your investment, determine what your specific needs are before shopping.
. commercial kitchen equipmentRunning a restaurant or catering business involves buying


* Seal the Food

Before cooking on any of your cook tops, double-check that the food is totally sealed and set at room temperature. If not, place the food in the refrigerator for a minimum of five hours. Do not open the container until the seal is fully intact. A commercial kitchen equipment checklist is useless without having a properly sealed food preparation environment.


* Washing Dishes

Your commercial kitchen equipment checklist must include at least one stainless steel commercial food storage bench.
Commercial stainless steel food storage benches are an absolute necessity if you plan on performing regular and thorough washing of dishes. Depending upon the type of surfaces you will be washing, these benches may range from basic, solid wood benches to highly elaborate and expensive porcelain or glassware racks. Regardless of the type of surface you will be washing, having at least one bench will greatly alleviate the amount of time lost during daily cleaning duties.


* Commercial Cooking Pans

Depending upon the size and style of restaurant you intend to operate, you may want more than one set of commercial cooking pans. Many professional chefs suggest that if you purchase more than two pans, you will have enough when needed, but most restaurants choose to purchase at least three. In addition, it is often beneficial to purchase several different types of cooking pans to allow for varying cooking needs. For example, a generalist chef may wish to use a thin metal pan for basic cooking and may want a heavy stainless steel pan for heavy duty baking.


* Commercial Ovens

The ovens come in many different shapes and sizes. It is important that you select the one which is easy to use and large enough for the amount of food that will be cooked at once. Large commercial ovens provide sufficient cooking surface area and maximize the use of available space. However, the slowest temperature and most difficult to control are the ones with which you will need to provide the most amount of training for your staff.

* Commercial Fridge and Saver Buildings

Smaller restaurants and fast food establishments may benefit from a combination of a refrigerator and built-in, wall-mounted fridge and saver buildings to save space and cut down on wasted electricity. These are not typically as big as a commercial oven, but they still can help minimize wasted space and cut down on food waste. It is advisable to purchase a combination of wall-mounted and floor-standing freezers in order to save space, especially for restaurants that do not have a separate kitchen or prep area. This will also cut down on the amount of floor space needed to prepare and serve food. Additionally, it is helpful to install commercial floor-standing freezers to cut down on the humidity in the air conditioning and to help keep your restaurant cooler during peak business hours.


* Commercial Food Dispensers and Disposables

Choosing and using the correct commercial food display and disposables can be important to both your bottom line and the health and safety of your customer. Commercial food displays include commercial freezers and dispensers, commercial ovens, and other appliances that help you serve food faster, safer, and cleaner in your restaurant. Good commercial food business freezers or dispensers help you lower the amount of waste and contamination in your restaurant and help you keep things organized. In addition, a high-quality commercial oven will help you prepare delicious, healthy food that your customer will love while helping to improve your bottom line.


*Commercial Sink Hot Water Dispenser

Another very important tool needed in a restaurant is a hot water dispenser or dishwasher. This is very useful for washing up hands or cleaning the plates when the dishes are ready to be served. A dishwasher is also used for washing utensils and other things that are used frequently during cooking. Thus, it is imperative that it is big enough and has enough space so that your employees can wash their hands quickly after using them.


*Gas Stove or Fireplace

Another essential kitchen appliance is the gas stove. The fireplaces are usually used to add flavor to the food that is being cooked, but they can also be used to add heat as well as light inside the building. There are different types of fireplaces that are available which may include gas logs, gas inserts, pellet stoves, or traditional wood-burning stoves.

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