CHECKLIST: How Foodservice Technicians Can Stay Safe in a Commercial Kitchen

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Update time : 2021-02-19 17:49:08

Fixing commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment is a dangerous job. Clients rely on you to get every precaution to guarantee the safety of their staff, their facility and  your technicians.

Use this useful checklist to help permit your customers and experts know you benefits their efforts to remain everyone safe.

Insert and exit that facility wearing PPE (i. e. respirator masks, gloves, face shields)
Always inquire about social distance standards prior to entry and get away from shaking hands
Move equipment with sanitizing wipes before restoration and disinfect after you have completed the work
Proceed equipment to a lower traffic area designed for repair when possible
Wash your hands and additionally dry them all on your own disposable rag
Let the customer keep the put in writing with which they approve your work order and also, if paperless, make certain to wipe down a person's stylus after getting the customer signature
Properly clean your tools before you put them back in your pickup and wipe straight down your truck involving customer visits
Produce a sterilization box for the equipment
Schedule areas pickup at curbside or deliver him or her directly to your technician’s home
Move supplier meetings into your warehouse so you can regard social distance prerequisites
Separate your storage facility - one facet for shipments and one side for sections pickup
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